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West Midlands Watersports

West Midlands Watersports FAQ

West Midlands Watersports FAQ sets out to answer some of the quesetions that get put to me on a regular basis.

Let me start by saying thank you to everybody so far who have given me some great feedback on my updated website. Please do keep it coming and don’t forget to let me know of anything you would like to see or hear about.

So since the update I have received more than a few emails asking me more about my Water sports service so here are a few FAQs for you

West Midlands Watersports FAQ

Can I just have Watersports

Yes of course, bookings start at 15 minute sessions for my West Midlands watersports service. You can have Water sports on it’s own or you can have it as part of a longer booking. I will need at least 30mins notice for all Water sports bookings. the more time you give me, the more pee I will give you.

Is it safe to drink?

Yes my pee is safe to drink, I have never had any complaints just compliments. I eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

Where do you do Water sports?

Not in a cold bath whilst I balance over you, that is pretty uncomfortable for both of us. I use a plastic sheet so you can enjoy Water sports wherever you wish.

Can you humiliate me during a Water sports session?

Standing over you soaking you with my pee I would say is pretty humiliating, but if you want more it would be rude of me not to remind you of you place PISS BOY

I hope I have answered some of your questions, if not I’m available to call, text, email and tweet

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Birmingham Foot Worship Escort

Birmingham Foot Worship Escort

Birmingham Foot Worship Escort and Fetish Escort Nicole is waiting to hear from you.

What is Foot Worship/ Fetish? You may ask, let me tell you a little about my world of feet.
Foot Worship/ fetish is defined as a sexual interest in feet or footwear.

Your Birmingham Foot Worship Escort Awaits

Points of attraction can include, size and shape of the foot toes and arches, how they are adorned maybe with jewellery or how they are dressed from barefoot to covered in hosiery and high heels. Very importantly Foot Worship is a sensory interaction smelling, tasting, licking and sucking.

Foot Worship/ Fetish is the most commonly worshipped body part and you will be in good company with the likes of Giacomo Casanova and Elvis Presley being just a few notable Foot Fetishists.

After Worshipping my smooth silky feet I will tease and tantalise you with my perfect toes and soles, stimulating you with the perfect foot job

Foot Sploshing

Have you tried Foot Sploshing? I have to say it is rather fun and sexy at the same time. It involves copious amounts of wet messy substances but usually food that is poured over or crushed under my feet. Foot Sploshing can be a very tactile experience in which you too may indulge

West Midlands Watersports

Birmingham Watersports Escort

Birmingham Watersports escort Naughty Nic will fulfil your wildest fantasy.

Birmingham Watersports Escort Available Now

Water sports is the act of peeing on or seeing somebody pee and getting aroused or sexual gratification. Water sports can take many different forms and is also known as a golden Shower and the scientific name Urolagnia.

Water sports is still considered some what of a taboo subject in today’s society, although I do have to wonder why. It’s kinky, fun and can improve intimacy. I say wave goodbye to the conventional and start living all of what your wet dreams are made of.

There are many ways to enjoy Water sports, from being showered in my hot golden pee to being freshly served in a glass by a French maid. I can pee myself fully clothed or just wearing tights or stockings. Maybe you would like to see me bursting and struggling to hold it in.

Whatever your Water sports fantasy or fetish let me pee.

Book your watersports experience in Birmingham today by calling me on  0797 444 2468

If you have some questions about my Birmingham watersports experience feel free to get in touch. You can also find some answers to frequently asked questions about this popular West Midlands Watersports service on my website here.

Book your watersports experience in Birmingham today
by calling me on 0797 444 2468

For those of you interested in finding out more on the subject of Urolagnia, Wikipedia has some useful information.